“Yeti” Google’s new Gaming Console And Streaming Service

YETI the new google gaming console has been arriving to gaming platform. So, It could be a bad news for Sony and Microsoft that Google is all set to enter the video game war.With Playstation and Xbox both Sony and Microsoft are leading the gaming market.Google the internet giant is making a bold move to enter the gaming market with a new machine codenamed “Yeti”.Google’s gaming console has reportedly been in development from past two years.


Google considered launching “Yeti” in 2017 but due to some unknown reason the project was delayed.It would be similar to the streaming services like Playstation. The user have to pay a subscription fee to access collection of games for a certain time period. This runs on a remote device and streams over the internet.The most important part is game streaming eliminates the need to purchase expensive video game hardware.

Since all the game processing is done in the cloud.As I mentioned that it is based on cloud,so unfortunately it will put a huge strain on your internet service and provider’s infrastructure.While playing every button pressed and every video frame has to be streamed over the internet without any lagging.Google has a massive infrastructure when it comes to robust and speedy internet service.

So what I am trying to say is Google’s gaming console “Yeti” has all the possibilities and potential to compete with Xbox and Playstation. Yeti has similar concepts to Netflix, streaming titles on a one-off subscription basis instead of selling hard copies.However both Playstation and Xbox one has streaming service.Still the user has to download the game to his/her console in Microsoft. Google has already entered the gaming arena with Nexus Q on the mobile phone. But this is the first step towards the home entertainment system with “Yeti”. Google will definitely give a tough competition to both the gaming giants Sony and Microsoft.

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