Xbox One X – Power of Gaming Unleashed

The powerful console is packed in a  relatively smaller and perfect cabin. Yet the kit is loaded with a lot of features to enjoy its potential. Microsoft has taken the Xbox One X into a new leap as a competition to Sony’s PlayStation. With many factors to take advantage of the gaming sector, Xbox is playing the game well. Considering the attributes that the console offers, it is more than what you pay.


The Xbox One X may look sleek and slim, but looks  may deceive us. The technology that is packed into it is very extensive. With an increased Flash memory of 8 GB and 1 TB internal storage, the system comprises a massive 12 GB Graphics card (GDDR5). With a towering 6 Teraflops and 326 GB/s memory bandwidth, Microsoft uses custom silicon for the processor named as Scorpio Engine.

Xbox one X hardware

All these powerful components are bunched into a comparatively smaller space. It needs an efficient cooling system to race the game smoothly. Microsoft has done a great design in it. Using a supercharger-style centrifugal fan to blow out the heat away. Along with a high-end Liquid cooling system to ensure it.


A total multimedia technology is shrunk into a small box. What if it only lets you to use while playing? Microsoft has protracted the capability of the device by adding a bunch of connectivity to add more fun.

Other than connecting the Xbox to wireless Controller GamePad. You are allowed to connect to many other Pen drives, Disks and Hard drives. Ethernet and WiFi is supported basically. Also supporting HDMI, IR out and PDIF.


Bridging all the cutting edge technology to deliver a single clean output is really an art. Microsoft tackled its coding in a smarter way. They managed to give out the maximum performance with all these power consuming components. It is a major area of electrical artistry to minimize the power consumption. Xbox uses Hovis Method to deliver power in a custom tuned manner. By organizing the voltage distribution of every components in the console.

It comes with an 8 core AMD processing unit and 2.3 GHz clock speed. This would greatly enhance the gaming experience with a smoother interface combining AI. The amazing 12 GB GDDR5 enhances faster rendering of graphics to the display.


Microsoft not only created it only as a gaming device. But extended its purpose as a crispy entertainer. With its advanced display rendering processors, it is capable of delivering a full range 4K video on your compatible televisions. With the USB and Disk drive ports, you can experience an extended and better 4K entertainment.

Microsoft has given the best from its side. But there aren’t many games that will use all these technology. Many third party games are not worth for the device. While some of the native and high end games would make you to immerse in gaming world.

Spatial Audio

Embedding most of the best audio processing technology onto a single device is not that easy. It will make you to submerge into the effects. By combining the Dolby digital 5.1, DTS 5.1 along with PCM is a larger package of audio components. That’s not everything, You also get TrueHD with Atmos technology to make you completely forget the real world

Final Words

Xbox One X is an all rounder Entertainment package not only for game lovers. But also for multimedia fans, who will praise the device for its audio and video managing & output capabilities.

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