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Do you own business? Are you an In-home entrepreneur? Then you must be dreaming to have a digital platform to promote your trade online. The task of building your own website needs a lot of effort, time and cost. Buying your own domain, hosting service and servers will make it a lengthy process. Since Whatsapp is already a well reached service used commonly by most population, it is a great podium to show your business profile. Whatsapp is widely known as the best chat app with more features like sharing pictures and documents. Based on the conversational design, Whatsapp Business has a new approach to business solutions.

For now, WhatsApp Business is a free to download application. But later it is expected to charge for its premium features. They may include – verifying your business, advanced communication services and much more. Whatsapp already said that it aims to bring e-commerce, ticket booking and banking services to its customers. This might make most of the basic online services as simple as possible at a single portal.

Packed Features

Business Profiles: You can now show off what you do. Describing your company and making it public will bring you more online customers. It features an one page profile  that will let you to tell about your store Timing, Location and Contact information. If you have a website and  facebook page for it, then they can be added too.

Whatsapp Profile

Statistics: WhatsApp Business has integrated the features of facebook messenger and Whatsapp to make it more productive. You can now know the status of messages read by your customers. How many have responded, ignored or ordered your product. You can also control your contacts – Mark them as important or Block them as spam. 

Whatsapp business

Tools: Smart message features of messenger is now implemented in Whatsapp business. They include ‘Quick Reply‘ which offers to send a reply message when customers  contact you. ‘Greeting Message‘ will send a welcome text to introduce your company. ‘Away Message‘ will let customers to know that you are offline or busy.

Whatsapp reply

Verified Account: Customers will be satisfied that they are contacting the right business person. Whatsapp Business will let them know it by adding a verified check symbol. It is done by authenticating the profile and checking the company’s mobile number.



Whatsapp Business is now available in Android PlayStore at selected locations only. You can now download Whatsapp Business from Google Play in  Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, U.K. and U.S. It is expected to expand the availability in next few weeks.

The new Whatsapp Business is a separate individual app for business oriented users. But the original WhatsApp app has no changes to it for now. It is rumored to implement some of the business options like ticket booking and e-commerce in the whatsapp new version which is expected to be released soon.

WhatsApp had introduced the beta version of Whatsapp Business in september 2017, making few companies to try out the new feature. Some of them have also got verified now. 

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