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What is NFC? This is how NFC works

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, it is a communication technology used in most of the smartphones these days. NFC work by contact-less communication between two devices like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches or speakers. Have you ever wonder how this technology works?

nfc (near field communication)

NFC allows to establish communication between two devices just by a waving over another device. Users can seamlessly share content between devices such as paying bills or even can be used as an electronic passenger ticket on some public transportation which features contact-less infrastructure. This may seems like a magic. Isn’t it? Let’s see what’s happening behind this.

How NFC Works?

NFC is evolved from Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology which use electromagnetic induction in exchange for data transmission. Like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth NFC works by sending information over radio waves. It has short-range but high frequency that enables the transfer of data between devices over around 10 cm distance.

The major advantage of NFC is, it can be operate even without any power source. It can induce electric currents within passive components along with sending information, meaning that passive device doesn’t require to be powered. Alternatively, power will retain from electromagnetic field produced by an active NFC device while coming into range.

how nfc works

There is no need of establishing pairing between the devices. It uses electromagnetic induction to the component when comes to a very closer range. NFC will consume very less power than any other wireless communication systems.

Difference Between NFC And Bluetooth

You may say NFC is nonessential while Bluetooth has been used widely and available in most of the devices such as smartphones and wearables. But there is significant difference between these two technologies having benefits one over another.

bluetooth vs nfc

When it’s comes to quick connectivity NFC is faster than any other wireless communication such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Also NFC will consume very less power than Bluetooth. However, the transmission range of NFC is much shorter than Bluetooth. NFC has a transmission range around 10 cm while Bluetooth can transmit information up to 10 meters or even more depending on the source.

Another disadvantage is that NFC will be a bit slower than Bluetooth. Maximum transmission speed of NFC is 424 Kbps whereas Bluetooth can transmit up to 2.1 Mbps. Although NFC has this limitations, it is more secure and best suitable for mobile payment system.

Payment facilities like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung pay are using NFC for mobile payments. Apple’s phones from iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus onward features this technology. Also many mid-range smartphones like Moto G5 Plus, Samsung Galaxy J7, and honor 8 and all OnePlus smartphones feature this technology. It is said to be NFC will pave new future for mobile payment system.

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