Video FPS


A video is really a number of photos that are combined together and made to run at higher speeds to make it a motion. FPS expands as frames per second. It refers to the number of frames the camera clicks while recording a video. This helps in knowing the video quality. When fps is high, the camera takes more shots in one second. This makes the video smooth and clear in motion. 

But this alone cant make a best quality video. The grade of video is uplifted by the resolution it captures. When a camera captures more resolution or pixels in a frame, then it is difficult for them to take many shots per second. If the resolution is higher, the video frame size and details are increased. FPS increases the smoothness of the video. 


The horse image above is made to run at a rate of 12 images per second. If a camera is capable of taking higher pixel rates with more frames per second, then it makes a better quality video. There are many Things to consider before buying a Camera mobile, which helps you to know more about camera specifications.