Touchscreen Type

Touchscreens are displays that overlay a touch response film that act as a button-like feature. There are two main touchscreen technology that are most commonly employed in touch devices. 



Capacitive touch screens work when it detects any conductivity on the location of touch. These are the most common type in mobile and tablet screens. They are highly responsive and need only a tiny contact for conductivity and response. Also due to this, they become over-responsive (malfunction) while they get wet. They also don’t respond if touched with any gloves wore.


Resistive touch screens uses mechanical method for a touch response. The setup has two layers of transparent material. When we touch and apply pressure to the upper layer, it bends and touches the lower layer. An electric connectivity is made at this location, which is determined as the touch spot. They are cheaper to build than the capacitive touch screens, But are less sensitive. Their lifetime is less since their mechanism could get weaker soon.