Speed-up Your System by Disabling Auto Startup Applications

Whenever we start our system, few basic programs start on their own to run the system smoothly. These startup applications run from the beginning of the PC, to support all apps that you run. Along with this there are few applications that has no point on starting up on their own. We could find some of these applications icon on the system side tray near the clock. Others do not show up on the screen, but runs in the background.

startup application

These applications might have got your permission during their installation to run when windows start. Some apps really need to started while start up. They perform integral operations to strengthen the performance of the system. But some are simply useless, making junk files and filling up your system memory. They might noticeably slow down your PC.


The Simple task Manager

To know what apps are running in the background, you can use the well known shortcut- SHIFT+CTRL+ESC. This will open the Task Manager, which allows you to know about the apps that is currently running. It also allows shows the CPU performance, Memory usage, Disk occupation and WiFi connectivity. It also allows you to know about the user details, App history and services running behind the screen.

Start the Task Manager and open the Startup tab, which list outs the apps that are running on your PC. These apps instantly starts, when you start your PC.  You  must know which softwares are important to run on startup. If you find any app which has no point on running always, you can disable it. Just Right click on the application and select Disable. You cannot simply disable all the app that shows. You must carefully differentiate between vital and useless apps based on their effect on startup. 

For example: Windows defender, Display manager and Wireless utility are very important which you cannot disturb at all. But apps like iTunes and Adobe reader has no work when you start your PC. They are purely based on your need and work.

There are few other places where you can modify to enhance your PC performance. The following need some PC knowledge, where mistakes might affect your system to some extent.  These places can be modified to stop these programs from auto starting. But, Beware that Windows is a complicated operating system that can be fairly sensitive to changes. It is very important to have a good backup before attempting to make any changes to any autostarting programs. Only then you must proceed with great caution. Changing one thing at a time and test to see if the change caused any problems. This is the safer side to work with disabling any apps.

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