Resolution (2)

The total number of pixels in a screen is termed as resolution. Pixels are tiny dots that individually represents colors. Resolution is also used in Camera sensors to count the pixels that the sensor contains. It is usually denoted by Width x Height, representing the number of pixels the total area contains. Resolution does not represent the physical dimension of a display.

increase in resolution


There are some uniform standards that all companies prefer to use the resolutions.

High Definition (HD)1280 x 720
Full HD, FHD1920 x 1080
2K, Quad HD, QHD2560 x 1440
4K, Ultra HD3840 x 2160

With a higher resolution, the number of pixels are more. With more number of pixels, the image will have increased number of individual color representation. This will enhance the details and sharpness of the image.

But this does not necessarily enhance the display quality. For example: If any 2 displays has the  same resolution i.e., Same number of dots to collectively show an image. But if the physical size of one screen is larger than the other. The smaller screen would have the pixels placed closer to each other. So that you cant distinguish the space between those pixels. This will make the image to look sharper.