What is a Processor Core? Understand the Core Working.

The processor of a computer or a mobile is the working brain of the system. They take the burden of controlling all the process that are given as tasks by the user. The processor has sections, named as core to individually undertake operations. Organizing the works, implementing them on time and distributing the work flow are few of their jobs. This isn’t as simple as we say. It takes more inboard connections between components to accomplish a process. Here we make you to understand the working of a Processor and what does Core mean. Does a core really matters while coming to performance? Can Octa core  perform twice faster than a Quad core?


Many chipset manufacturing companies are competing to create the most efficient processor ever. Qualcomm and MediaTek are dominating the mobile processor field with more advanced core managements.

Apple uses its own core management to optimize its performance. This is why Apple’s interface is smoother than Android.

What is a Core?

Octa core and quad core are just numbers to indicate the segmentation of the processor. They help in handling individual threads of a process, But it doesn’t mean that it can handle more process. To understand it, we must be clear about thread process. A thread is a individual channel in a bunch of single process. For example: If a phone is using its camera to take a picture. It must be engaged with the camera sensor, display, microphone and many internal components. These are individually handled by different cores if the process is tedious. It is possible with multi core processor to handle it separately. But in single core processors, all are dumped into the same core. It is also a factor of software, If the camera app is coded to work in single core, then there is no use of other 3 cores in an octa core processor.


Does Core matters in Performance?

To make it even simpler, Consider a camera app that is designed for a quad core processor to use all the four cores. If it runs on an octa core processor, there will be no much difference in its efficiency. The app uses only the 4 cores out of 8 cores. However, there will still be some minor difference in speed. Here comes the background app management system. When the app is using all the 4 cores of a quad core processor, the background apps will be given less priority. Since it uses all the cores for the camera as well as background process, it might get high traffic. But in case of an octacore processor, the 4 cores for the camera app is individually given and the background is taken care by other 4 cores. Thus there will be a little difference in advanced core processors. But it is also the software build that needs to be coped with the hardware multi core processor to attain full efficiency.

Some cores even acts as cache memory to keep basic functions alive. Few programs need to be run all time, which are saved in processor core for a long time. They are used to execute the process as soon as possible. Their basic instructions are saved to prevent them starting as a new operation every time. By this, they save time to concentrate on other operations.

Core - Technical

Every processor gets a work, when the user assigns a job to it. Even if you touch the fingerprint sensor, it has to power up some hundreds of components to accomplish the complete process. Each single process is fragmented into few simple instruction sets to distribute the work among them. To speak technically, there are few steps that every core undergoes to complete a cycle of instructions. 

The steps include Fetch, Decode, Execute and Write. First it fetches the information of the process to be completed. Then it decodes the information into instruction set that needs to be completed individually by different cores. Then every core execute their given task respectively. After completion, all the threads are written back to show it as a single process executed jointly by multiple cores. All these steps takes place in fractions of a second. Since they are programmed to do their work when certain instruction is received, it is a pre planned operation.

This is not as easy as we say it by words. Every processor core under goes a very high traffic for even a simple process of turning your screen on. They execute every process in a complex form of simplification and binding.

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