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Windows is a clean and crisp Operating system. But are you satisfied with its User interface? Do you love it? If not, then here is a great Visual Basic OS. Octoroit is one of the best VB OS that has been ever released. 

Octoroit os

Visual Basic OS:

Visual Basics is a open platform to create any applications or related softwares for a PC. A VB OS is not a real operating system. It is just an overlay on the existing OS. Octoroit runs as a layer on the top of Windows OS and will not alter any system files. You can call it as a Custom User Interface. It is similar to any other UI software, but has permissions to few administrative files of the existing OS. Rather than changing or formatting your Windows OS, it adds a software coat to the interface of the original  one. 

Octoroit - A rich feel:

Windows is the most widely used Operating system in the world. Even if satisfied are not, we are forced to use it for their real world applications. The need for an attractive User Interface for our digital devices always continues. It makes us more engaging and appealing while we interact with them. Team Octoroit have done one of the finest jobs in the world. Improvising the looks and feel of the Windows OS. You can call it as an advanced theme, but with some extra features added. Themes have permission only to certain level of administrative control. But this team has taken the Visual basics to a deeper phase. Tearing from top to bottom they have changed the skin of Windows everywhere. Giving a smoother, crispier and a fluid interface.


This light weight software is just about 150 MB. But they have encrypted some intelligent codes to make it more elegant and powerful. The interface is really smooth and fluid in graphic transactions. 

The appearance looks a bit like an Android interface. But it is well created for a windows platform. Starting from the Login screen, they have worked to change the presentation everywhere.


A Theme or an User Interface could only change the appearance of the OS. But Octoroit have added their own applications to assist their software. They give an  essence to the software in a broad sense. Also this makes a complete cover over the windows OS, that it occupies every basic apps with it own products. You will rarely see the appearance of a native Windows look. However, every clicks and programming is assisted only by the original OS. 

System Requirements:

For all these bundle of software package, you don’t need to to have a high end computer. What the software wants is really a basic computer hardware. You must have Windows 7 & or above OS to stick it to your system. Your RAM memory should be atleast 1 GB to make it run smoother. It needs a Hard disk space of 300 MB to store its data. Finally you must have a .NET Framework 4.0 for it to work on your PC ( Click here to download it for free). Apart from these system requirements, you should have few fonts to be installed on your PC. They are readily available at their download site itself.

Click here to download Octoroit.

If you are a Linux user, then there is a similar OS distributed by Ubuntu named as Zorin OS.

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