Know about 2K and 4K Resolution

what is a resolution?A resolution of a computer, digital television or any other display devices is the number of pixels in each dimension that can be displayed. The resolution can be controlled by many factors in cathode ray tube display, projection display and flat panel display. 2K and 4K are frequently used resolution terms to represent the display quality of a screen.

Generally resolution is termed as width x height with units in pixel. For example “1920 x 1080” which means pixels is 1920 and height is 1080. The term “display resolution”applies to fixed pixel arrays like Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) and Plasma Display Panels(PDP),since it is simply the physical number of columns and rows of pixels creating the display.


What is 2K?

2K resolution is the term for having horizontal resolution of 2000 pixels. Digital Cinema Initiatives defines the resolution standard for 2K is 2048 x 1080. Infrequently 1080p is been included in 2K resolution definition.Although 1920 x 1080 could be considered as having a resolution of 2000 pixels.

But most media including books and web content, cinema references defines 1080p and 2K resolution as different definitions which means they are not the same.1080p has same vertical resolution as in 2K but it has smaller horizontal resolution compared to 2K definitions. 

What is 4K?

4K resolution commonly refers to a horizontal screen display resolution in order of 4000 pixels. There is a wide range of 4K resolutions in digital cinematography and digital television.The most dominant in 4K standard is 4K UHD or 4K UHD-1 for television and consumer media. Digital cinema initiatives (DCI) 4K is mostly used in movie industry.

2k 4k

The three important 4K resolution standards are:

Ultra High Definition-1

This is the 4K standard of computer monitors and television. It is also known as 2160p. Its resolution is 3840 x 2160 which is twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of 1080p and thrice the horizontal and vertical resolution of 720p. UHD-1 is most widely used in television, computer monitors and other media like video games.

Ultra wide 4K

Ultra wide 4K is commonly known as UW4K, with a resolution of 3840 x 1600 and an aspect ratio of 12:5. This resolution is most widely used in Blue-ray discs and PC gaming monitors.

Digital Cinema Initiative 4K

Digital cinema initiative is commonly known as DCI 4K which has a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels.This resolution is most widely used in film and video production industry. DCI 4K has twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of DCI 2K.

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