Internal Memory

Internal memory refers to the storage that the device contains permanently onboard. It refers to both ROM (Read only memory) and RAM (Random Access Memory).



Read Only Memory is the storage area where the files are stocked in the silicon chip. They can be accessed whenever needed. Like an SD card that we insert externally, ROM is already present on the circuit board of the phone.

Since they are present on the chip permanently, they are easy to explore. So files stored in internal memory are quickly read by the system. Some apps are recommended to be stored on the Internal memory to respond quickly. Vital applications cant be moved to the external storage to avoid delay in response time.


Random Access Memory is a temporary storage area. It keeps the files that are needed currently by the system. Once the file is used, it will be cleared off from the RAM. If they are commanded to be saved, then they are stored in the internal or external memory. Every ongoing system service and apps will be opened and temporarily memorized by RAM. 

If a system needs to open a file, first it is located on the storage then taken to the RAM. The file remains in the RAM until the job is done and the file is closed.