HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System – VIVE Price, Features and Specificaiton

HTC Vive is a virtual reality headset developed by HTC and VALVE corporation. The device uses “room scale” tracking technology. The technology allows the user to move in 3D space using hand held motion tracking controllers to interact with the environment. The first consumer version of VIVE was released on 5th April 2016.

Accessories in HTC VIVE

Htc vr headset htc vive price

VIVE Headset

Htc vr headset stream vr

The Vive headset has a rate of 90 Hz and 110 degree field of view. Vive has two screens one for each eye with display resolution of 1080 x 1200. The special features for safety includes a front facing camera that allows the users to view the surrounding without removing their headset. The software also uses the camera to identify any static or moving objects in the room and virtually displays a wall to safely guide users from real world walls. The headsets outer shell has divots, inside these divots there are dozens of sensors like gyroscope, G-sensor and proximity sensor each of them assigned to perform a specific task.

VIVE Base Stations

vive virtual reality system

The base stations are also known as the lighthouse tracking system these are two black boxes which creates a 360 degree virtual space up to 15 x 15 feet radius. The base stations emit 60 pulses per second which is called timed infrared pulses that are picked up by the headset and controllers with sub-millimeter precision. The best part is wireless syncing which lowers the amount of wires.

VIVE Controllers

The wireless controller features enables more immersive experience to the user. The controller includes various input methods such as grip button, track pads and a dual stage trigger.Interestingly the user can enjoy for about 6 hours in a single charge. The steam VR tracking system is used to improve the connection of the controller which gives wireless feedback of 360 degrees to the host. 24 infrared sensors are installed across the rings of the controller for detecting the base stations to determine the location of controller.

VIVE Audio Strap

HTC released audio strap for $99 on June 2017 with improved HMD’s comfort in headphones through better weight distribution.

VIVE Tracker

The tracker is designed to be attached with physical accessories and controllers such that it can be tracked via the lighthouse system. VIVE trackers feature a connector which can be used to communicate to the accessory it is attached to. During the launch VIVE tracker was sold as a single product then it was bundled with accessories and games designed to integrate with it. This tracker is used as light guns in games like “Hyper blaster” and as a racquet for sports games.

HTC VIVE in comparison with Oculus RIFT

The VIVE supports Microsoft windows, Linux and MacOS. The rival, Oculus Rift is owned by Facebook and it is also well known virtual reality headset in the global market. HTC VIVE come up with some improved features as compared to Oculus Rift. We have given a tabulation below comparing HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift for better understanding.

Eye per resolution1080 x 12001080 x 1200
Refresh rate90 Hz90 Hz
DisplayPenTile OLEDPenTile OLED
Field of view110 degree110 degree
Price (USD)527399
Price (INR)68,73225,853

HTC VIVE product video

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