How To Choose A SmartPhone

Mobile phone has become one of the most personal gadget to move our daily life. We depend on these devices for most of our activities. Not just for communication, but making our life tasks like scheduling, internet surfing, reminding our responsibility and much more. Choosing one of them will certainly make a difference in our daily routine. Here is How to choose a smartphone that you exactly need.

Choose a mobile

There are extensive models and options to choose from. All are bundled with varieties of specifications. So, We could select from these unlimited collections to suit our needs. There is certainly a phone to fulfill everyone’s need perfectly. But its hard to know each model and pick the right one for us. There are different specifications that we need to concentrate to choose our best-suited phone. We list and explain the most elemental areas of interest.

Android or iOS ?

android vs ios

 Operating system is the basic platform to select. It makes a complete difference of using style and interface. Android has lot of features, While iOS is simple and elegant. There is always a dilemma to choose between Android and iOS.  They provide their own characteristics for making a unique experience while using a mobile. Only after choosing your OS, you could move on to select other features. Yes, It makes a whole big difference on how to choose a smartphone. They both compete to give their best performance to the user. Android’s latest version is Android O. Apple has upgraded their latest OS as iOS11. Finally, Android has a lot of manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, HTC, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, LG, Motorola, OnePlus and more with countless products releasing every year. But iOS is a sole property of Apple, which releases their OS in iPhone models only.

Size & Screen

mobile dimension

How do you want to hold your device? It really matters since we need to use it comfortably for a longer time. Dimensions of a mobile is a physical standard of selecting a phone. For that, The display size is mainly considered as a specification in calculating the size of the device. Some use a mobile device professionally for communication and as a personal digital assistant. Their requirements don’t need a large display.  5 inch and below can fulfill their necessity.  Some people crazily need entertainments and games to bounce on their screens. They definitely need a larger display to satisfy their adventure.

Apart from screen size, the quality that they produce in imaging is very important. There are many technology behind color reproduction, which works to deliver the best realistic picture. To have an immersed experience, the display should occupy most of the area on front. Hence Screen-to-body ratio plays a cosmetic property while choosing a mobile. To go deeper, we need to checkout their resolution and Pixel density, which improves the clarity of the pictures produced.



A beautiful device must also be efficient enough to couple up with our daily functionality. We don’t want our device to get hung while we operate them. They depend on the performance of the device, which should not be compromised at any stage. These virtues are taken care by the System chipset, which carries any process demanded by the user. Any command initiated by the user will be processed by the CPU, which is rendered to the display by a GPU. To accelerate the process, the cores of the processor use different threads to perform individual tasks and complete them at a time. 

Apple uses their own unique processors to power their devices, which makes iPhone’s interface smoother than Android. To be more particular, Android OS is used in many different processors. This makes Android more trickier to be compatible with all of them.  Different mobile manufacturers use various processor chips. The predominant processor makers for Android based phones are Qualcomm and MediaTek. However, they both produce a lot of varieties and there is always a rivalry between Qualcomm and MediaTek.



Memory is an important specification to notice, which makes the system to run faster. Internal memory benefits in storing the OS and native apps. While RAM holds the memory of running apps. A larger RAM can hold more data related to the running app, helping in driving the app smoother while it is open. Most Android models feature extended memory, while Apple don’t even think about it. 



Making a connecting bridge between others is the main concept of mobile phones. So, this must be the primary section of its specification.  The major category is about SIM, which has few different types. Selecting the network band to support your device is crucial. If you use a 4G network and if the device supports only upto 2G/3G, then the network might be of no use.

Other connectivity technology includes Bluetooth, WiFi, InfraRed and USB. All these make are intended to have an interaction with various devices. Recently, NFC has joined the club for making many new security and data transaction process.



Buying a professional camera has gradually decreased with the implementation of high quality cameras in mobile phones. SLRs and PS cameras are no longer a market holders. People are satisfied with mobile photos and selfies for a personal photography. So, buying a mobile that has a good camera is a wiser option. Knowing the features and specifications of them allows you to choose from what you need. Passionate photography needs different priority than casual clicks. Megapixels does not have a great impact on occasional photos. Also, Aperture makes an image totally distinct, which are few Camera specifications to know before buying

Mobile manufacturers came up with dual cameras to have a better imaging in wide mode and portrait. They were thought as revolutionary in  smartphone photography until someone came with single lens portrait. All these are possible with softwares that process the image captured through the camera sensors. Yes! Software makes difference to the image quality. Some apps add beautiful creativity and effects to make it better. Android play store is filled with tons of apps to choose. We have picked the Best Android Camera apps that makes your photography an epic one. From adding effects to blurring your background they do everything to make it awesome. 

Still Confused?

If you are unable to come to a decision based on the specifications, then you might be conscious of your budget. We can still help  you by filtering and listing the mobile models based on their pricing. If you have fixed an estimate in your mind, then our List of top Mobiles under various budget might give a solution.

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