File Compression – Saving Space might Affect its Quality

File compression is widely used to send a file from one to another over a connection that has a slow bandwidth. The compression basically makes the file smaller  therefore, sending the file faster. When compressing a file and sending it to another device, It must have a program that will decode and decompress the file so it can be retrieved and used.

We might have come across ZIP files while downloading files online. They are intended to save space and provide a compressed file to the user. They also need some softwares like WinZIP , to open the file that is compressed and packed.

file compress

How Compression works?

Compressing a single file is the combination of multiple files into a single compressed archive. By this combination process, the archives make the transmission faster for all the files and keeps them together for convenience.

After combining multiple files into a single archive, It maintains the organization of those files inside the archive. Collective files need to be in multiple folders in order to correctly work on the saved device. The characteristic of such an archive is to keep the directory structure intact within the archive. And have the decompression program to maintain the directory structure when decoding the archive.

For example: If a file contains similar fragments, then they are taken as a single component while compressing. It saves only the details of the component and its location. Then, while decompressing the file, they are decoded to their original format. If they are compressed again and again, there are chances for losing their quality. This is called as redundancy, which reduces the repeat of same content again and again.

file compression

This is one of the techniques used in file compression technology. Similarly, there are lots of methods to compress different types of files with or without losing the content quality Different techniques are used for PDF compression and JPEG compression. Since they use distinct formats, File compression and photo compression also differs for them. Separate compress method is applied for video compression too.

File Compression Formats

There are many types of file compression each with distinct file extension and compression algorithms. There are a variety of reasons for such differences. Main reason is that different formats were developed for every operating systems. Another is competition; companies try to develop new and advanced formats to get the original quality of the file. Many improved are being made in softwares to compress at the lowest size. On the other hand the file must also be in the same original content when decompressed. The type of file compression has some effects on the format of the file. Text and pictures often get better compression ratios using varied compression techniques for them. 

We have more file contents but less space to store them, forcing us to delete less important files. Compression technology is a high hope to solve this issue. We can use softwares like WinRAR, 7Zip and many such softwares to compress and restore our files.

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