CPU – Central Processing Unit


CPU – As the name refers, The Central Processing unit is the core of operations performed by a device. It implements the task given to the system thorough controlling the flow of work. They are tiny micro processors, combined as a single unit to share a task. A computer CPU has the same functionality as the mobile device. Since a computer needs to handle many process at a time, they need a larger one. In case of a mobile CPU, the miniature version is used.

Clock Rate (GHz)

We have heard these in the specifications of a mobile. Clock rate is the basic rate of cycles per second. They are measured in Hertz (Hz). Nowadays many processors are capable of generating Gigahertz of cycles (GHz). This decides the speed or performance of a processor. It denotes how fast does the processor can handle any given task. They are crystals that oscillates to complete the instructions at preset clock speeds. The software benchmarks uses these clock speed cycles to determine the performance of a device. By knowing how many cycles does the oscillator takes to complete a given task from the user end.

These are one of the main aspects to be considered while buying a mobile or computer. They are the administration to execute the command given.