Color Reproduction

color Reproduction

A display screen is the window to a computer or mobile device that we use.  With many different technologies, companies try to provide the best to their customer. Since display plays a vital part in user interface, they should be clearly better. Color reproduction or Color depth refers to the number of distinct colors that the display can produce. With more number of colors, the display can represent more originality of the real image. 

All display have three main colors from which they produce other colors by combinations. The ability for the display engine to differently combine those colors to match the original image is termed as color reproduction.

Color rep

16M represent 16 million colors and 256K is for 256 thousand colors. These are the number of colors that they are capable of producing on the display. While 16M are more clear and real, they need more size and space for the files. Better technologies use compressed files to reduce size and maintain the quality. Also better images need better processing and thus take up more energy from battery to reproduce the image. But the end result is a beautiful photography.