System Chip

chipset sys

System chip set is the heart of process in a mobile. Chipset is a set of electronic IC (Integrated Circuit) which controls the work flow of other components of the device. The performance of a device is rated based on the capability of a chipset. It controls the data flow between the memory, processor and other components. Chipset determines how the system can handle a given task. Previously, electronic components came as different ICs’ such as CPU, GPU, Memory, Storage. But now every component is on the same substrate. Collectively called as SoC (System on Chip). 

There are many chipset manufacturers for mobile. Here are some of the main players in the field. 

  • Qualcomm
  • Mediatek
  • Nvidia
  • Apple
  • Exynos
  • Renesas Mobile
  • Broadcom
  • Intel
  • AMD
  • Spreadtrum

For example: If you click a photo in your phone. The light rays captured by the lens and sensors must be converted to color pixels. Then they should be arranged onto your mobile screen and must be shown to you as an image. And finally it should be made as a file that will be readable and stored. These processes are simple to say but are really hectic. All these process undergo in a machine language. All these steps are taken up by various electronic components that are embedded in a single chip. A chipset plays vital role in managing the task assigned to it. That’s why choosing a chipset is noteworthy while considering the performance of a device.