Android O

android O

Google reveals it’s latest Android Operating System called Android O. It features many cool new updates. The new version has a lot of changes than the previous version. The cool new revamped look has plenty of features to explore. 

The new android has some major changes including Settings menu, File manger, Battery-saving updates, more notification controls and so on.

Following  are the major features that have been updated in the latest Android O operation system.

5 Cool New Features

1. Faster Performance

Google is trying to solve problems in all aspects. It has lot more concern about the better and faster performance of every device that runs on the Android system. Android O has updated it’s performance more faster and better than ever before.

2. Better Battery Life

Good  battery performance is vital for every smartphone. After the update to Android O, you can note the better battery performance in your smartphone than the previous version. 

The new version of OS improves your battery life by optimizing your background  apps.

3. Detailed Notification Controls

This version of Android O operating system comes up with a new feature called notification channels. This feature gives you the control of customizing certain kinds of categories of notifications from apps.

This has one cool feature that you can silence some notification and have them return later.

4. Picture-In-Picture Mode

picture in picture

The latest Android O will offer you picture-in-picture(PIP)  support. Picture-in-picture allows you to view picture in multiple window at a time. This option will make use of having multiple apps at a time without closing it.

5. Improved Sound Quality

Headphone are pushed out by Bluetooth headphones more these these days. The latest Android O came up with “high-quality Bluetooth audio codecs” to improve the quality of wireless audio. Also with enhanced Hi-Res Audio playback over Bluetooth.

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