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Mobile speech assistants and Self driving cars create an ambiance for the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. We sometimes tend to see them as one of the greatest evolution in technology. But these are just considered as a fractional implementation of AI. It is going to be a tech bomb that will integrate all the inventions ever and produce an outstanding output. We are in the age of providing citizenship to robots. This may lead to a creation of human friendly machines that can understand and work along with us. Other way, They could even form a community against human-control over them and make a rebellion. These are future chances, but they don’t stop our scientists and engineers in racing towards the advancements of technology.


The Beginning

Art Int - Begin

There is no certain point at which the idea of IoT (Internet of Things) and AI suddenly emerged into existence. They slowly started from the invention of Calculators and Internet. Still awaiting more technology to be integrated with it. Whatever humans invented, they become a great turn over. But only for a few days or years. We are not satisfied with the innovation. We still need something to get comfortable more and more. This lead to a concept of Human-like machines that could replicate a human mind and work according to that.

Making "Intelligence" artificially

So, We came to an idea of making a machine that could learn from its surrounding,  then understand them and respond accordingly. This is just the concept. To make it really happen we need to work on the network of its grabbing and responding process. 


Most automation machines work by sensing the surrounding. They use sensors like thermostat, proximity and more. These mechanical or electronic devices are used as the input data information for the AI machine. Then the programming process starts. A programmed data will guide the machine to respond on certain inputs and situations. This is the elemental basic of the machine. This process will be multiplied a trillion times as a process information. 

That’s not the end. The machine is programmed to observe and recognize many new environmental situations. By this, it is not necessary to feed all situations as a response program. Like a child, the machine will learn new things by itself. Not completely independent, but with the guidance of the already installed programs.

How do machines understand

Learning new situations and environments needs a lot and lot of data. A machine should take in all the available information from the habitat. Process them individually and elaborately to understand the design deeply. In the same way they will not be allowed to take any decisions completely irrelevant to the experiment. These basics will be fed by us to make them think according to our will. 

robot interaction

For example: A machine will be exposed to a mixture of good and bad apples. It will be made to recognize the bad apples by identifying the color imbalance, cuts and rotten areas. This will be the Pre data. With this as a basic, the machine could make its response for any other fruits or vegetables by its own. However, The machine does not store the actual image of good and bad fruits. Instead they only save the characteristics that differ between them. This is just a 0.00001 % of its total data of response system. All reaction might not be the same. But the concept of grabbing, analyzing and replicating is similar.

Fundemental AI in practice

We have already stepped into the basic hierarchy of Artificial Intelligence. While we surf the internet, We get similar images and pages for the actual search. These are the algorithms that makes these complicated web of weaving the similar items and presenting us. Also, We could find the ads appearing on the webpage related to our needs. This happens by collecting our search data. If we have searched a product to buy, the cloud data saves the information. Then, Even if we migrate to any other web page the product will be shown as ads. The programmed bots are formulated to do only these type of jobs. In a similar way, An Artificial Intelligent machine would do a tons of jobs on its own.

The speech assistance we use in our mobile phones comes under this. We question Siri, Google Voice Assistant or Cortana, about the whether today. They analyse the key words such as “weather” and “Today”.  It starts by collecting weather information from relevant data stores. Then they refer the current date and location of the device. Finally provide the response. Before, They were in a formal form of speech, which always reminded us that we are communicating to a machine. But nowadays they have become more advanced like having a casual chat with a human.

Prospective AI gimmick

Many applications are ready to emerge with a high potential of complete automation. More products have been  wait listed to release with enormous eagerness. They could be life changing and more efficient than any other before. Since they need a lot of data to be integrated, they are still in the developing mode. They get delayed to make it more smoother and perfect.

The near future technology that has a promising outcome is likely to be The Self Driving Cars. The automobile device has been overloaded with tons of sensors to collect the information that could make an unmanned vehicle drive. All these data is used to respond to the road drive. In future, You could hire a taxi, select you location and relax. It will start driving on its own. GPS helps it in routing the map and road. Inbuilt Sensors provide surrounding details. Front image recognizer will watch for signals and obstacles. It will certainly follow the road rules – Because it is not designed to decide badly. It can sense and differentiate humans, animals and much more.

Self driving car

Artificial Intelligence - Future Decade

Engineers are working to collect the massive data that would need to make a machine respond like a human. When all that could be stuffed into its memory is completed, then will come the real Artificially Intelligent Humanoid. Artificial Intelligence is not just a Man-Like Robot. They can be implemented in everyday products. Most of the appliances will be embedded with AI chips. All our electronics will be computerized. They will be integrated together to make a combined work culture. Humans could feel the comfort of technology in a more sophisticated way. We will master the automation world with few clicks in a handy device. 

Artificial Int

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