Generations of Network:

Generations refers to development in a fundamental nature of service, non-backwards transmission technology, higher bit rates, wider channel frequency bandwidth, new frequency bands and higher capacity for many simultaneous data transfer. Every innovation leads us to a new generation with more comfort and minimalistic design.


Probably every generation lasted for nearly a decade. It means that it took 10 years for researchers to develop a better network technology. Slowly and steadily we are advancing every time. This makes a strong foundation for the future – 5G.

4G :

4g phone

The potentiality of communication and data transfer went to the peak in 4th generation. The technology made vast development and improved in mobile web access, gaming services, high-definition mobile TV, IP telephony, Video conferencing and 3D television. Most of us now use 4G and VoLTE.

Many devices are emerging that can be synced to the same home network and be controlled wirelessly. IoT – Internet of Things will be the future. It will be more effective in connectivity and remote controlling of devices than we could imagine. We are now just in the beginning. Already its a giant step, that many devices have come up with mobile applications to control them. This will be taken to another level of controlling every day products.